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Taldor US offers a range of solutions and integrated operation services to allow clients to make use of advanced systems to reduce costs. We offer solutions for CRM, information security, IT experts, business process outsourcing, ERP, government systems, self-service workstations, software system development, communication networks, support and service.

All of our solutions are based on technology products from the world's leading vendors, with development and operation by Taldor US, based on our knowledge of local markets. Every solution we offer provides the highest expertise and level of services in the field. Our staff receive ongoing  training and proffesional development, to keep the company at the cutting edge of integrating hardware, software and operation.

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Taldor US also specializes in working under the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Program. We offer flexibility and competitive edge to suit our costumers' needs.

We assist our partners  with the administrative and technical challenges to comply with the regulations of the FMFP (Foreign Military Financing Program). We provide logistic services, integration, assembly and testing services.

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Taldor US offer companies the opportunity to purchase advanced hosting services from data Facilities worldwide, and benefit from the top-notch service offered 24/7 from expert support and management team.

Taldor US offers its customers a range of hosting solutions:

  • Public Cloud: using the leading public cloud providers; AWS, Google cloud, Microsoft Azure

  • Cloud Consolidation: physical servers in one of Taldor's Data Centers integrated with one of the public cloud providers via a direct connection at a speed of 1 ms. 

  • Colocation: hosting physical servers in one of Taldor's Data Centers.

  • DevOps service: A complete management solution, whether as a Public Cloud or Consolidated Cloud, by the web experts at Taldor.

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For Taldor's policies regarding Cloud and Hosting Services please click here and here.

Cloud & Hosting  Services


Taldor US goes the extra mile for costumers and partners.

We offer companies and technological startups representation, disribution and business development services in the US and Israel. ​

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